Chrissy Teigen Heats Up Esquire September 2011

In case you’ve never heard of Chrissy Teigen, you will definitiely want to check her out.  This hot up and coming model is featured in the September 2011 issue of Esquire and is smokin’.

The 25-year-old Washington native – who happens to be dating John Legend – posed for the magazine’s “In My Place” spread looking stunning in a range of comfy loungewear and lingerie.

Talking about her musician boyfriend, Miss Teigen said,

 “I always poke fun of John: Why don’t you like love lingerie? Don’t most guys love lingerie? And he’s like, I love naked. Spending $200 on lingerie is nice, but I guess not if your boyfriend wants you naked immediately. I’ve tried before — there’s no point. It comes off too fast.”

As for her take on social networking, Chrissy dished,

“I tweet from bed. I love it because it’s so quick. And it’s funny. But it also leaves a lot of room for error because new people don’t sense the sarcasm — there’s no sarcasm font.”

Also commenting on the web, Teigan tells,

 “Blogs are evil. Actually, the blogs aren’t as evil as blog comments. I mean, I can’t imagine Britney Spears goes and reads the comments section. I just pray to god she’s never done that before, because for me, not even being a celebrity celebrity, reading things about me, it hurts. When New Year’s comes around — that’s my resolution right there: I’ll stick to drinking, but I’m going to stop with the comments.”

Here are the sexy pics:

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