Erin Heatherton’s Sexy St. Bart’s Bikini Shoot a new photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret, Erin Heatherton hit the beach  in St Barts on Tuesday (August 9) to show off her sexy curves in a variety of bikinis.

The blonde beauty switched in and out of a few skimpy two-piece swimsuits as she posed for a new campaign for Victoria’s Secret.

Recently talking with Vogue about the fitness secrets responsible for her sexy, toned figure, Miss Heatherton laughingly dished,

“I need to pay people to make me work out or I wouldn’t do it.”

As for the person she pays, it’s trainer Lynn Duffy, who hits the gym with the supermodel three times a week for a workout consisting of “switching between five-minute intervals of sprinting and power-walking on an incline.”

Of the sweat session, Erin said, “It’s exhausting. But then comes my favorite part—a half hour of yoga. I love the way it tones but also loosens you up.”

Enjoy the pictures of Erin Heatherton on the beach for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot (August 9).

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