Salma Hayek’s Sexy Allure Cover Shoot

I remember the days when Salma Hayek was considered a major hottie.  She used to  be up there where Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks, and Blake Lively are today.  Now, in my opinion she still looks great but she has definitely passed the peak of her career.  Gone are the days where she will be the sexy leading lady.  However, she may be making a slight comeback as she graces the cover of the September 2011 issue of Allure and I must admit she looks fabulous.

The “Puss In Boots” babe posed for a Mario Testino shot spread while chatting with the magazine (out on newsstands August 23) about topics including her busty bosoms and getting sexier with age.

Highlights from Salma’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Allure!

On what changed with her body over the past 10 years:

“My boobs; they’re not bad, by the way. I’m not complaining about them.”

On getting sexier with age:

“As a woman, you should be more at ease with your sexuality when you are in your 40s. You are more self-assured about that part. And that’s the way it should be. If you are a girl who cannot walk in heels, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are. If you look like a chicken that’s been spiked in the feet, it’s not going to be sexy.”

On her sexy image:

“When I first started, I found that I had to play the part of something they could swallow in Hollywood, which was the sexy Latin girl. I was not dressing like that in Mexico.”

On her luxurious lifestyle:

“I never understood the point of being privileged if you don’t get to have the privileges. Like, people who won’t take their kids to an expensive restaurant or won’t travel with them or make them pay for everything at a really young age. I think it’s important that kids have responsibilities and understand the value of things, but I think it’s great I get to travel the world with my daughter.”

Here are the pics:

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