Gaga Goes Guy

So for those of you who missed the MTV Music Awards last night, Gaga open the show with a startling performance.  She dressed as a man and performed a monologue then stayed in character the entire night.  

She went all out with her male alter ego of Jo Calderone for the 2011 Awards show and shocked many audience members with her somehow candid performance.

The “Born This Way” songstress reportedly used only Mens’ restrooms for the day in order to make the transformation as authentic as possible.

During her performance, Gaga declared,

“She left me! She said it always starts out good and then the guys — meaning me, I’m one of the guys — we get crazy. I did. I got crazy. But she’s f—ing crazy too, right?”

However, not everyone loved Lady Gaga as a dude. Edward Paige, a music and television producer, told FOX News,

“Gaga’s shtick wore out its welcome in the first two minutes. In her effort to be original and run away from the cube hat wearing copycats, like Katy Perry, I think she might have pushed the audience too far. People originally embraced Gaga because in all her quirkiness was authentic in that she didn’t fit in. But stepping outside the more comfortable vixen role could hurt her. Does MTV or its throngs of little girls’ fans want a diva that looks like Ralph Macchio doing a Lenny Bruce routine? I doubt it.”

I’m curious, what did everyone think, yay or nay???

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