Kirsten Dunst Covers Lucky Jan 2012

So, Kirsten Dunst will be gracing the cover of the January 2012 issue of Lucky.  I just have one question…is she still even remotely relevant?  I just don’t see anyone caring about her or her fashion enough to purchase an issue of this magazine.  Covers are supposed to sell the publication by enticing you to buy it.  They are covered with titles of the best articles and adorned with a picture of a sexy celeb who you are just dying to read about so I am just curious what on earth made Lucky choose Kirsten Dunst. 

The “Crazy Beautiful” actress does look chic in a pink Miu Miu ensemble as she posed for the James White spread but still, at this point she is just another pretty face in an outfit and I can think of a lot of prettier faced models who would inspire me to buy a magazine more than Kirsten Dunst.  Anyway, the magazine is set to hit newsstands on Tuesday, December 6th so if you are interested that is when you can go pick it up.

Highlights from Miss Dunst’s accompanying interview are as follows.

On her reaction to “Melancholia” director Lars Von Trier saying her ‘understands Hitler’ on the Cannes red carpet:

“I just said, ‘Come on, Lars,’ or something like that. What was I supposed to say? There were a lot of us up there and I feel like if [my costars John Hurt or Stellan Skarsgård] had said something it would have been easier. I think one of the guys could have been like, ‘All right, Lars’ or made a joke out of it. We were all in shock.”

On a common misconception about her:

“Just don’t write the ‘she’s back!’ thing. I wasn’t ever away! Sorry I wasn’t in Spiderman 4 a year after I was in Spiderman 3!”

On the one thing she can’t resist when it comes to fashion:

“It’s Rebecca Taylor: I’m a sucker for a cute dress and I knew I’d be wearing it. I’m the kind of person who buys a new thing, wears it so much and then is totally sick of it. I’ve already worn it two days in a row.”

On a different hair shade working in attracting a different type of suitor:

“I attract a difference kind of boy when my hair’s red. I get more quality men – like a more thoughtful, nerdy dude.”

Here are the pics:

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