Jessica Simpston Gets Nude…While Prego

She’s nearing the end of her first experience as a pregnant woman, and Jessica Simpson followed other celebrity moms who bared all by showing off her nude figure on the cover of the April 2012 issue of ELLE.  Why not?

I will tell  you why not…it’s not sexy!  I’m all for women’s rights and women still feeling sexy during pregnancy.  Their husbands should find them sexy when they are pregnant because they are carrying their children but that does not mean all of America finds them sexy.  I do not want to look at pictures of a naked pregnant chick.  Plus, isn’t Jessica Simpson supposed to be somewhat wholesome where she won’t do nude?  Is it suddenly ok now that she is ready to pop?  I don’t think so.  I bet her creepy dad was a part of this as well.  The truth is, no one other than the father and the doctor want to see a pregnant woman naked and they should reserve such pictures for private use.  I’m surprised at magazines’ willingness to jump at these opportunities to have naked pregnant celebs.  Just because they are pregnant doesn’t make the nudity suddenly art and just because they are naked doesn’t mean you will sell issue because no guy wants to thumb through pics of a naked pregnant chick–even if it is Jessica Simpson.

Well, anyway, enough with that rant.  If you actually are interested in the article there is a complimentary clothed cover in which on  the 31-year-old “Fashion Star” mother-to-be donned a red, stretch pique dress from Narciso Rodriguez while getting a belly smooch from fiance Eric Johnson in an inside shot included in the Carter Smith shot spread.  Here are some highlights from the article

On hopes for her daughter’s sense:
“Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!” she blurts out, her Dallas accent swooping back in this moment of heightened anxiety. “Eric is so athletic. We’re gonna have this ath-a-letic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping.”

On taking tabloid brutality in stride:
“I’m still standin’,” she drawls. “I grew up very strong! You know, my father used to be an adolescent therapist. I remember sitting at his office, watching the girls walkin’ in and out. Kids doin’ coke at 16…heroin. Pregnant at 14. I could see what I didn’t want to be.”

On her body subconsciously telling her she was pregnant:
“We were goin’ to have an all-day drinking binge,” Simpson says, not shy about saying so. “Gonna ride our bikes, hang out…do naughty things. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?”

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