Florence Does Company Magazine

Being that I’m a huge fan of Florence and the Machine, I just had to put this up on my site when I saw she had a photo shoot.  With her new single “Never Let Me Go” set to be released on April 2nd, Florence Welch added to her promotional efforts by covering the April 2012 issue of Company magazine.

The 25-year-old English musician posed for an artsy Robert Astley-Sparke hot spread while offering up a long list of interesting tidbits about herself for the accompanying article.

For those of you who haven’t heard her incredible music, please check it out.  Her voice is insane.  Think Adele with a funky twist.  I had the pleasure of seeing her live last year and her voice is just out of this world crazy amazing.  I absolutely love her.  Here are some parts of her interview as well as her pics.

On the gig of her life:
“When we played The Other Stage at Glastonbury [2010]. There were just so many people – literally as far as my eyes could see.”

On the best advice she ever got from her mom:
“[It] is difficult to sum up in one sentence. My mum’s given me so much advice that she’s like an oracle.”

On her most memorable childhood tune:
“I was obsessed with musicals as a kid and my grandmother used to take us to see ‘Oliver!’ every Christmas. There was never any chance of going to see a different one, it was always ‘Oliver!’.”

On where she sees herself at age 90:
“I like to think I’ll look like [fashion legend] Iris Apfel, with lots of jewelry and patterns going on!”


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