Hunger Games’ Leven Rambin Does Maxim

With the upcoming much anticipated release of “The Hunger Games” which is due to hit theaters on March 23rd, Leven Rambin offered up some sexy photos for the April 2012 issue of Maxim.

For those of you who haven’t heard of her she was on All My Children and had a small role on Grey’s Anatomy as McSteamy’s daughter.  I have to admit she is pretty hot and I’m thinking that she is really going to be an up and coming actress–not so much in the sense that I think she is going to be a major actress or land any large roles but I think she will be much like Christina Hendricks where every guy knows who she is because she has such a smoking hot body and she will consistently have work getting photo shoots.

The 21-year-old flaunted her great bod in a Brooke Nipar shot spread while dishing on everything from her catfights with co-star Jennifer Lawrence to her role in “All My Children”.  Here are some highlights from her interview as well as the pics:

On her role in ‘The Hunger Games’:
“I play Glimmer, one of the competitors. She has this crazy sexuality that she tries to manipulate people with, but once she gets into the arena she’s a vicious killing machine.”

On her intense catfights with Jennifer Lawrence:
“Filming it was funny—chasing her and screaming that I’m gonna slit her throat! It was way more interesting to play a mani­acal character than one that’s similar to me.”

On her role on ‘All My Children’:
“I was a twin, I was autistic, I was married, I was divorced. I had a half-sister who was a prostitute, and I played her as well.”

On how she celebrated her 21st birthday:
“I was on set in North Caro­lina. We went to T.G.I. Friday’s! I didn’t even have a drink. But now I like a dark ’n’ stormy if I feel festive.”

On whether she feels like she missed a real high school experience:
“I’ve always said to people you should never let anyone change who you are because the only commodity you really have is your individuality.”

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