Jennifer Love Hewitt Debuts BWATT Magazine with Sexy Pics

With her new show “The Client List” debuting next month, Jennifer Love Hewitt had the honor of covering the inaugural issue of BWatt magazine.

The 33-year-old actress looked stunning in the new publication’s ‘Free Love For Fashion’ issue while opening up about topics such as dealing with criticism over her weight gain and her contentedness as a single lady.  I find it absolutely crazy that they even give her slack about her weight, she looks phenomenal and has a healthy figure. I’m sure most guys would not complain about her body one bit.  The tabloids are hypocritical and seriously need an attitude readjustment.  They are always harping on girls for being too big and more recently for being too thin, but then the very women they show as sexy do not have average figures and have physiques 1% of the female population can attain.  It’s just absurd that she gets so much criticism for her weight, she is utterly beautiful.

On being appreciative about the success she’s achieved:
“I am so grateful for everything that I have. I don’t even think that I would be appropriate to talk about ups and downs in my career. Of course there have been ups and downs, but think about all those struggling actors and singers out there who don’t make it? I am very fortunate.”

On being targeted by tabloids over her weight gain:
“At first I sat down and cried when I saw all the horrible things people were writing about my wieight, but then I decided that I had to be stronger. I realized that if people called me fat, then there would be thousands of teenage girls all around America that would feel even worse than I did. Then I decided not to be picked on.”

On her current relationship status:
“I’m happy and I’m single! I love being single. I get to decide everything on my own. I won’t say I don’t want a man in my life, but I’m not looking.”

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