Channing Tatum Covers GQ Style UK

With his new movie “21 Jump Street” sitting atop the box office and two more films due out this June, it comes as little surprise that the increasingly popular Channing Tatum was chosen to cover the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of UK GQ Style.

The 31-year-old Alabama native brought his sexiness, or at least attempted to, to the Jack Pierson shot front page while talking largely about his male stripper themed movie “Magic Mike” in a column titled “The American Idol”.

I’m personally not a fan of this shoot.  I think it looks very posed and actually cheesy.  I just don’t know what the photographer was thinking with this shoot.  You have the sexy Channing Tatum in your studio to do a shoot and rather than get sultry shirtless poses or cool dance style poses you get really bad and bland poses such as Channing sitting in a chair.  Odd.  Does anyone agree?  Also I’ve met him, he’s quite sexy in person but short surprisingly because he looks tall on film.

Highlights from Channing’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to UK GQ Style!

On his past as a male stripper:
“I was young and dumb and stupid and wanted to make a little money. You can work ten hours a day for minimum wage – that’s the opportunities for kids without a college education. Get some sh*t job that you’re really going to have to bust your hump for. Or you can try something else a little crazy.'”

On the conversation with his parents after they learned about his stripping past thanks to his movie ‘Magic Mike’:
“They have so many questions that I’m sure they don’t want to ask. We’re not a family that are gushing about stuff. We start over every day. I lucked out on that. I don’t think they’ll ever see the movie. I still really haven’t had a conversation about it. My mom said, ‘You know, we probably won’t come to the premiere of this one and I don’t want you to get offended.’ And I’m like, ‘Mom, I get it.’…. ‘I don’t even know if I’ll go.'”

On taking a different approach to stardom:
“I probably see people do [movie stardom] in a certain way and I don’t want to do it in that certain way. I’m not owed it.”

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