Brooklyn Decker Heats Up DT Spain Magazine

She has two new movies set to hit theaters on May 18th, and as she gets into promotional mode, Brooklyn Decker kicked things off by covering the March 2012 issue of DT Spain magazine.

The model/actress looked stunning in a range of skimpy undergarments for the Alexi Lubomirski shot spread while briefly talking with the Euro publication about her passion for work and the positive effect that it has on her.  I was actually surprised to learn that she is only  24-year-old because she looks older.  I don’t mean that in a bad way because she is gorgeous but she just comes across as being in her late 20s as opposed to mid.  Regardless, she looks amazing in this shoot just proving that she was a great candidate a few years back for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model of 2010.  I just wish she had said more in her interview but I suppose there is not much to ask her.  I’m surprised they didn’t talk about her upcoming films but perhaps her role is not too large in them?

Highlights from Miss Decker’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to DT Spain!

On work having a positive effect on her:
“When I’m working, I am a happier and better person to those who are with me. Endorphins release in me.”

On striving to be the best she can be:
“I’ve always set my expectations too high. I am aware of it, but I cannot help it.”

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