Ian Somerhalder: Genesis Award Hottie

Ok, so while I hate silly posts and would rather be writing relevant material daily, who doesn’t love cute guys with cute animals?  Ian Somerhalder, who I’ve had a crush on since before the days of Lost or Vampire diaries is apparently not only a major hottie in the looks department but loves animals and fights for their rights, how sweet!  I am an avid animal lover and have a dog myself who is like a child to me and whom I love more than anything.  I am a huge proponent of animal rights as well, though I’m not an activist I would like to do volunteer and charity work when my schedule clears up a bit more.


When Ian Somerhalder isn’t acting, he’s busy fighting for creatures that need protection. And now the sexy stud has been honored for raising awareness on animal rights issues during the Genesis Awards in Beverly Hills on Saturday (March 24).

While working the Beverly Hilton red carpet, the “Vampire Diaries” star cuddled up to the famous dog from “The Artist,” Uggie, as he also showed off the plaque he received after being named as the Wyler award honoree.

Expressing his gratitude for the recognition, Somerhalder tweeted,

“Amazing night- thank you HSUS,CW,Warner bros, & @verschoo for letting me come to LA this weekend.Most of all thank you ISF for tirelessly waging war on the imbalances&injustices in the world&standing up for those who have no voice.Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”.

The 33-year-old has his own non-profit organization, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), and has used his clout to bring attention to cases where animals have been wrongfully killed.  I just love when celebrities use their stardom for good and the fac that he has his own charity and fights for animal rights is so sexy.

Here are some pics of him with the pup:

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