Miley Sirus Enganged??!

Continuing to fuel engagement rumors, Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing a huge rock on her left hand at the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night XIII alongside her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in Phoenix on Saturday (March 24). 

The possible marriage rumors started when the former “Hannah Montana” star posted a picture on Twitter of her left hand saying she was “soooo obsessed” with her manicure, but her nails were hardly noticeable compared to the sparkler on her ring finger.

Miss Cyrus continued to wear the diamond sparkler, even sporting the ring during her performance at the star-studded Ali event that raises funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Miley and her “Hunger Games” beau have yet to address the rumors, though sources close to the pair have spoken out to deny that the twosome are engaged… yet.

I have a couple things to say about this.  First, she is too young to be considering marriage.  She hasn’t been dating him for that long and marriages that happen in the teenage years rarely last, especially in Hollywood.  She also should not be wearing a ring on that finger if she’s not engaged.  She knows the drama it will cause and how the paparazzi notice everything.  If he just gave her a ring as a gift she should have put it on a different finger so that there wouldn’t be all these engagement rumors going around–unless of course that is what she wanted.  She hasn’t done anything as of late and perhaps this is her way of getting some media attention on her.  I’m not sure what the deal with the ring is and I honestly don’t care but she is a big enough celebrity for me to report on this and I felt it might be something my fans would want to know.

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