The Peter Facinelli/Jenny Garth Divorce

After eleven years of marriage, Peter Facinelli has officially called it quits from his wife, Jennie Garth.

The 38-year-old actor cited the common “irreconcilable differences” in a Los Angeles Superior Court petition filed on Wednesday (March 28) and will seek joint custody of their three daughters, Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona, 5.

The two began their romance on the set of the TV movie “An Unfinished Affair” back in 1996, while then tying the knot five years later in 2001.

Unfortunately, each of the now ex-couple’s reps confirmed they would be heading for divorce earlier this month but, according to a report put out by People magazine, Facinelli says they separated more than three months prior to this announcement on the first of the year.

After the official announcement made on March 13, the two were both seen out in public for the first time without their wedding rings. Though the “Twlight” actor was prepared for the divorce ahead, Miss Garth says it was a surprise, explaining,

“You get the rug pulled from under you,” adding, “I have no landscape of what my future will look like, where before I had something that I can count on.”

For now, it looks like the two will continue on with their professional lives as Facinelli gears up for the April 8 premiere of Showtime’s comedy “Nurse Jackie,” while the beautiful mom of three gets ready for her new CMT reality show, “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country,” which will premiere April 20.

This divorce kind of makes me sad-or at least as sad as I can get for a Hollywood couple because Jennie Garth always seemed like a nice person and their marriage seemed like it would be one of the ones that would last but I guess nothing lasts in Hollywood.

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