Amanda Bynes Gets A DUI

Ok so I’m only reporting on this because it absolutely kills me when celebs get nabbed for DUIs.  If anyone has the money for a driver or a cab it’s a celeb.  Why on Earth are they getting behind the wheel drunk?  I don’t understand how anyone can make the decision to drive drunk but especially celebs, they have a ridiculous amount of money, why can’t they just take a cab or hire a limo driver or something.  It’s not like they go out driving and don’t know they are going to be drinking so why take your car out in the first place or they could just leave their car over night if they get too drunk, there is just no excuse.  I guess celebs just think that they can do anything or get away with anything–apparently putting their own lives and the lives of others in jeopardy is just meaningless to them though.

So, now to report the actual news after my little rant, Amanda Bynes has landed herself in jail after driving in West Hollywood, California early this morning (Friday, April 6th) under the influence of alcohol. 

After getting pulled over around 3AM, the “She’s The Man” actress was taken into police custody, where she still remains according to authorities.

While there’s no word on when she plans to walk out of jail reports say Amanda’s bail has been set at $5,000.

Just last month Bynes found herself in another bit of hot water with cops, having been pulled over for talking on her cell phone while behind the wheel…like I said, celebs think they are so important that they can get away with anything.  Plus, she’s not even that famous, especially not anymore.  But, good for the cops for not letting a famous person slide on something so dangerous.

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