Kim Kardashian’s L’Uomo Magazine Beauty

I will never fully understand the world’s fascination withe the Kardashian’s yet there is something about Kim and her family that the media and Joe Schmo Americans love.  Sure she’s got a nice curvy figure but there are tons of celebrities out there who are hot as hell AND talented–why not become obsessed with them?  Perhaps her sex tape has some allure to men, like a classy porn star if there is such a thing.  Well, Kim chosen to cover the July/August 2012 of L’Uomo Vogue magazine and it in my opinion did not play to her strengths. 

The 31-year-old curvacious brunette looked pretty, but not like her usual sexpot self in the boyish Francesco Carrozzini shot spread while dishing about everything from her reality star family to working hard to achieve the success she now enjoys.

Highlights from Miss Kardashian’s interview are as follows.

On her accomplishments despite being born into money:
“Yes I was born rich; it was a classic Californian lineage: lavishness and ostentation, luxury mansions with pools, private clubs, exclusive friendships, and luxury cars. Despite the affluence, at only 31 I’ve been able to build my own empire in the world of entertainment and, although looks and friendships are important, I want the new generation to understand that if you don’t believe in yourself and in your own ideas, you go nowhere. This is what happened with my new fragrance: I could never have imagined achieving that.”

On her keys to success:
“All my success depends on my education and the support I receive all the time from my family. I’m very lucky to have someone around me who is always ready to help, so it doesn’t matter what problems I have to face in life, I know that I always have someone to turn to in my hour of need.

On her family:
“My mother, who is also my manager, teaches me something new every day; she’s an amazing person, a strong woman who raised six children, and I’m very proud of her”, she says smiling, almost embarrassed. “I’ve always been very shy, ever since I was a girl: I copied and did everything my sister Kourtney asked me to do, even when at school she would put me in embarrassing situations with boys. She was my idol”.

On her upbringing:
“I was raised in a strict family. My father did not let me spend weekends at my girlfriends’, and Sunday mornings I had to go to Mass. Though we were well off, the rules were clear: my parents would stop maintaining us as soon as we reached 18. It’s always been important for them that we were all economically independent. We always had a strict routine; we always had dinner together, and my father would take us to school every morning, while mum Kris prepared lunch.”

On her work ethic:
“I have never tried to make money by exploiting my problems. Often people think that when you have success you do nothing all day. On the contrary, I’m a workaholic: I’d love never to have to sleep so as not to waste a second of the day. I’m obsessed by order, my home is 100% organized, I always need to have everything under control, to the smallest detail.”

On any regret she may have:
“Lack of privacy. Everyone is always watching me, I’m under constant observation, everywhere I go there’s a camera following me, in the gym, when I do the shopping, and if I decide to go out without make-up it makes news throughout the world. This is why I don’t want to reveal anything about my relationship with Kanye. In the past I suffered a lot because of my honesty, and when it didn’t work I was criticized and treated badly: I can only say that now, with him, I’m happy.”

I find this last point interesting.  While I tend to understand and respect celebrities upset with their lack of privacy, Kim is not famous for acting or modeling or any talent–she is a socialite who made a sex tape then got a reality tv show.  Her entire reason for being famous and why her fragrance and over priced clothing sell so much is due to her opening up her life to us.  Reality stars have no right to bitch about a lack of privacy.  You want privacy, stop allowing Hollywood to film your daily life for money!  Do something that is actually talented and worthy of fame other than being rich, looking sexy, and allowing the world into your home and personal life and stop bitching that people are interested in you.  You are famous for nothing of any value and are blessed to be so renowned.  Your ridiculously expensive clothing sells like water in the desert because you have a show about your personal life.  For some reason people are interested in the mundane and not so mundane happenings of your daily life and you should be grateful not complaining.  I know that was quite a rant but I just can’t help myself.  Though I must admit whenever in Miami I do go to Dash–if only I could afford something.  All I could walk out with were $5 pencils.

Anyway, here are the pics from the shoot.  Enjoy:

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