Julianne Hough’s New Zooey Magazine Cover

I’m not sure if anyone really cares about Julianne Hough or even knows who she is but she’s a pretty girl who is gaining popularity as a Hollywood starlet wannabe.

With her new movie “Rock of Ages” having just hit theaters, Julianne Hough earned herself a little added exposure by covering the June/July 2012 of Zooey magazine.  Honestly, not only have not heard much about this girl but I also have never even heard of this magazine.  How out of the loop am I?

The 23-year-old actress looked cute and pretty in a Frinders Keepers shirt with Rebecca Minkoff pants for the Derek Wood shot front page while dishing about everything from her thoughts on possibly getting married to Ryan Seacrest to being Mormon…oh so that’s why she looks so wholesome and not-so-sexy.

Highlights from Miss Hough’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Zooey!

On what she’s most excited for this summer:
“Every summer the whole family goes to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. My
grandparents have a houseboat on the lake and when we all get together it’s a s**t show because we’re all trying to get attention from everyone else. We’re all very competitive and love to entertain. Who can do a better swan dive from the houseboat into the lake? Who can win that ping pong game ‘Around the World?’ Who can do a better this or that? Oh, and there’s a big talent show. We have this video from when I was little of my Dad and my Uncle Terry singing ‘Hold me!
Squeeze me! Never leave me! Got to, got to, got to try a little
tenderness.’ Watching them in their bathing suits singing and holding
each other is pretty epic.”

On how challenging it was to live with her dance coach for five years:
“The woman I lived with in London [Latin Ballroom champion Shirley
Ballas] made me strong and not necessarily in the best way. She made
me very guarded and she made me a fighter. I had to fight to hold onto myself. She was very tough on me. Honestly I went through things that I don’t think anyone should have to go through but if they hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have the character and the strength I have today.”

On whether she still considers herself a Mormon:
“I was raised Mormon and then went to London where it wasn’t part of
my life at all and then came back and was super Mormon again and then
came to L.A. where I wasn’t around it. Now I’m older and I almost
appreciate it more. I hold onto the everyday teachings, but as far as
the religious teachings there might be parts I disagree with here and
there. I’ve modified it to fit my lifestyle but it taught me great
morals and principals. It gave me a sense of what it means to be a
nice person, to be humble, what it means to be grateful and a desire
to service people.”

On if she feels she’s ready to tie the knot and do the family thing:
“I feel like I’m 43 – I’m so tired! But yes, I’m ready. This last film I just did with Diablo Cody made me very clear with where I’m at
personally and professionally. I feel really grounded.”

On what made her fall in-love with Ryan:
“You know, we gush and mush at each other all the time. At dinner
we’ll always be sitting there explaining the reasons why we love each
other. It’s corny and silly but it’s great. I love talking about Ryan. He’s so genuine and loyal. I didn’t realize…I had perceptions of who I thought he was. On our first date I thought, ‘This is so not what I expected.’ He’s one of the most thoughtful–not just boyfriends or men–but people I’ve ever met. A lot of the romantic things he does for me are sometimes not even specifically for me. He’ll remember my Mom’s birthday or that it’s Mother’s Day and he’ll send something. I would so much rather him be like that with my family than have him do something for me.”

Well here are the pics, what do you think?

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