Kelly Brook, Look Magazine Sexy & Confident

Lovely as always, Kelly Brook isn’t worried about fitting into some preconceived notion of what others consider beautiful.  Finally there is a woman in Hollywood who isn’t obsessed with being super thin and actually wants some curves and shape.  So many models are overly skinny and Kelly Brook is a great role model for young girls and believes in loving your body and being proud of your curves–and she has some great curves.

The 32-year-old British model told LOOK magazine’s new issue that she actually prefers to be a bit fuller figured as it feels more natural.

Kelly explained,

“I love my body. The curvier I am, the happier I am. I think that’s true of most girls. The heavier I am, the more I like my boobs and bum, and the happier I look.”

Ms. Brook continued,

“Some girls are naturally skinny, others are bigger. My body is a big part of my identity. I can eat what I want in moderation and I don’t have to exercise religiously. I’m just sensible and healthy, and I never sit still for long!”

“I’d rather eat and have boobs, a bum and a bit of overhang than be really skinny and have sad, saggy boobs and a flat bum. You have to make a choice and then love yourself.”

Here are the sexy pics:

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