Anne Hathaway’s Sexy Catwoman Shoot

With her new movie “The Dark Knight Rises” set to hit theaters on July 20th, where she will playing the illustrious Catwoman, Anne Hathaway scored herself a feature in the July 2012 issue of GQ Spain magazine.

The beautiful Havoc star donned a Catwoman-inspired all-black ensembles for the hot James White shot spread lining the publication’s pages.

In the accompanying article, GQ Spain spoke with some Batman experts and those involved in making “The Dark Knight Rises” about how Anne will stack up compared to her Catwoman predecessors.

Casting director Luis San Narciso seems quite confident with the selection of the Oscar nominated actress, saying, “[Anne] has a traditional yet different extent, which can bring a touch of sensuality and tenderness.”

Meanwhile, David Lopez – whose pencils have shaped the feline thief for DC Comics – is uncertain about how things will go, as he opines, “She is a great actress, although the challenge of living up to Michelle Pfeiffer is complicated.”

I have to admit I agree with David, this could go either way.  I have to trust Christopher Nolan though as he is an amazing director and always chooses the perfect casts for his films that I doubt he will let us down with this latest batman installment.

Here are the pics of the stunning Hollywood starlet:


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