Welcome to Sexiquette.net!

This site was created to provide educational, humorous, and insightful information about dating, sex, and relationships as well as a few other random aspects of life.  While there currently are only post by a female author, rest assured this is not a site in which women bash men or complain about how guys suck because guys really aren’t any worse than girls.   The majority of issues that occur throughout all stages of relationships are more likely resultant of miscommunication and misunderstandings and it is the goal of this page to help guys and girls get a better understanding of the opposite sex and make smarter dating choices.  Tune in every week day for unique articles ranging from“What is Romance?” to “What Constitutes a Great Blow Job?” as well as the latest celebrity dating gossip.

All new posts are categorized into the following categories:

The Sextionary section provides definitions commonplace in the dating world.  Some may only be known to one gender while others may be terms you are aware of but never had a name for.  Feel free to send us any suggestions.

Our Sexiquette page addresses the “rules” of dating and shares stories and examples of good and bad sexiquette (etiquette specifically pertaining to dating, sex, and/or relationships).

The Ask a Sexpert section gives subscribers a chance to post questions for our team of sexperts for help in their dating lives.

The Random sections includes all posts that don’t fit under the aforementioned categories.  These posts can be about dating or other miscellaneous topics ranging from comical to informative.

Celebrity Sex is a compilation of hot photo shoots pics, hookups and breakups, and other interesting celebrity sex-related news.

Sexploits is the newest addition to the site and focuses on sexy stories.  Some may be funny and embarrassing while others are dirty and truthful.

There also is are some assorted poems and prose available to read and a collection of my favorite web videos.

Everything written by our team is honest and real and if anyone is interested in contributing to the blog please feel free to contact our author/administrator max.sexiquette@gmail.com.

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