My Foray Into Online Dating

So recently I decided to venture into the online dating world since I have both a male and female friend who utilize the technological means of meeting someone and with some luck.  Neither of them has had a serious relationship come of their forays but none the less they have met members of the opposite sex and gone on dates–and that’s more than I can say I’ve done in the past few months (with the exception of one boy whom I met at a bar with his dad…long humorous story for another day).  Continue reading

Tiger’s Mistress “Sexy” Miami Shoot

While everyone remembers the big Tiger Wood scandal last year where we learned of his sex addiction and resultant infidelity with a number of women, I am not sure how many people remember the woman in his life other than his poor wife Elin.  Joslyn James got her fifteen minutes of fame for having a 3 year affair with Tiger and it seems that she is milking her already expired spotlight by getting into a bikini and posing in the sands of Miami.  She better start talking about Tiger blood if she wants to be winning a reality show because these days foax-lebrities are a dime a dozen.  Personally, I think she’s overrated and past her prime.  Yay or nay everyone?  Oh yeah, and newsflash Joslyn, Tiger was a golfer not a football player or do you want to corrupt Tom Brady now too? Continue reading

Understanding Unhealthy Relationships: Jersey Shore’s Ronnie and Sam Call It Quits

As somewhat embarrassing as it is to admit, I love MTV’s the Jersey Shore.  I was born and raised in the Garden State and am proud of it—do not believe everything you see on TV.  However, I refused to watch the show’s first season because I assumed that it fed into the stereotype that NJ consists of nothing but trashy, orange, guidos and guidettes.  My suppositions were not incorrect but I now cannot miss an episode and those who watch it with me must be silent so I can hang on every word.  In no way are these people respectable role models or admirable human beings, they are tasteless, promiscuous people with misguided concerns and their beliefs and behaviors appall me.  I am baffled that they are able to maintain their job at the T-shirt shop when they do not lift a finger to help customers, talk back to their boss, and leave work to get booze.  Moreover, they do not seem to practice safe sex and I presume that all of them have at least one STD.  Nonetheless, I do not watch the show because it is quality programming with empathic characters; I tune in each week to be entertained, have a good laugh, and feel better about my life. Continue reading