Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, Cabo Bikini Sexy

Enjoying some sun, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale spent the weekend in Los Cabos, Mexico relaxing and getting tan.

The “High School Musical” stars both strapped on skimpy bikinis and showed off their killer bodies on Saturday (May 1).  Continue reading

Joslyn James (Sexy?) Beach Shoot

Adult film star Joslyn James was busy flaunting her figure during a racy beach shoot in Miami on Friday (April 22).

The porn princess tossed on a silver see-through top with black bottoms as she rocked a wild new hairdo while crawling along the sandy sunshine state shoreline. Continue reading

Halle Berry: Malibu Beach Sexy

Halle Berry, one of the best bodied women in Hollywood, was spotted enjoying a day at the beach in Malibu on Friday April 1st.  She is one of those starlets notorious for always looks beautiful and for having a killer figure.  So, she looked great in a green bikini strutting her stuff on the beach.   Continue reading

Brooklyn Decker Sexy in Miami

Brooklyn Decker took a relaxing vacation to Miami this past weekend, which of course meant she was in bikinis all weekend as well.  As 2010’s leading lady for Sport Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, she is no stranger to bathing suits and looks smokin’ hot in them.  Brooklyn also  has become well known for her sexy beach scene in Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It.  The actress/model looked naturally beautiful laying on the beach and enjoying some R & R not even needing makeup or stylists to look stunning.   She is also rockin’ her new shot ‘do and I love it!

Here are the pics: Continue reading

Ke$ha’s Not-So-Sexy Day at the Beach

Today, March 15th,Ke$ha was spotted out on the beach in Adelaide, Australia rocking a black bikini that was not too flattering.  While the top was a skin baring string piece the bottoms resembled something a grandmother would wear.  I suppose she is trying to cover up how thick she is but why not just wear a cute one piece or embrace the retro movement in fashion now and sport one of those bathing suits sexy pinups used to wear in the 50’s.  This bathing suit is just so unflattering on her, what was she thinking?  I believe anyone, especially celebrities, can look good with the right clothing, makeup, and haircut for their body and face shape.  She has to be making a killing off of all those hits, can’t she contact Rachel Zoe and get some style help?? Continue reading

Tiger’s Mistress “Sexy” Miami Shoot

While everyone remembers the big Tiger Wood scandal last year where we learned of his sex addiction and resultant infidelity with a number of women, I am not sure how many people remember the woman in his life other than his poor wife Elin.  Joslyn James got her fifteen minutes of fame for having a 3 year affair with Tiger and it seems that she is milking her already expired spotlight by getting into a bikini and posing in the sands of Miami.  She better start talking about Tiger blood if she wants to be winning a reality show because these days foax-lebrities are a dime a dozen.  Personally, I think she’s overrated and past her prime.  Yay or nay everyone?  Oh yeah, and newsflash Joslyn, Tiger was a golfer not a football player or do you want to corrupt Tom Brady now too? Continue reading