The Blow Job Obsession

So, a while back, when my blog was brand new I wrote a post about blow jobs titled Sex in the Early Stages of Dating, the Blowjob First Rule.  While this post has brought me a large number of voracious  onlookers it is actually rather disappointing to see that it is my top article by far each day.  I strive to write interesting and unique articles that discuss real issues in the dating world.  My goal with this blog was to appeal to the masses, both men and women, and touch upon issues that everyone can relate to with regards to dating.  I wanted to talk about everything from love and romance to drunken one night stands because these things are talked about and lived each day.  I wanted to write about topics that people could relate to and would want to comment on and instead I feel like the sexual aspects of my blog have become the focus when that was never my intention. Continue reading

Dianna Agron: Cosmo Sexy’m a big fan of Dianna Agron, Glee’s leading lady alongside Lea Michele.  She’s beautiful and sure can sing!  Coinciding with the upcoming “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” release, she is featured on the cover of the September 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan as well as the inside pages and she looks absolutely amazing! Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Cosmo UK May 2011

As if Kim Kardashian wasn’t in our faces enough, she now is on the cover and inside pages of Cosmopolitan UK’s May issue.  Despite being considered one of America’s sexiest women, Kim states she is over the whole body image ordeal many women struggle with.

Continue reading

Hayley Williams Punk Sexy Cosmo Cover

The beautiful Hayley Williams of Paramore is the cover girl for Cosmopolitan’s May 2011 issue.  I’m a huge fan of Paramore’s music and I love Hayley Williams.  For those of you not a fan of punk femme music, she is also the female chorus in BOB’s Airplanes that was a big hit last year.  Posing with her signature bright hair but in a very feminine dress, Haley looks as pretty as ever. Continue reading

Olivia Wilde’s Sexy April 2011 Cosmo Cover Shoot

Olivia Wilde Covers April 2011 CosmopolitanI love Olivia Wilde.  For those of you who don’t know who she is, she was a doctor on House but left the show to I assume pursue a film career.  She also starred in the recent Sci-fi film Tron.   Continue reading