Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle UK

Despite the fact that she really hasn’t done anything worthy of fame, the ever-popular Kim Kardashian has more than surpassed her 15 minutes and has now nabbed herself another magazine shoot by covering the August 2012 issue of InStyle UK. Continue reading

Julianne Hough’s New Zooey Magazine Cover

I’m not sure if anyone really cares about Julianne Hough or even knows who she is but she’s a pretty girl who is gaining popularity as a Hollywood starlet wannabe.

With her new movie “Rock of Ages” having just hit theaters, Julianne Hough earned herself a little added exposure by covering the June/July 2012 of Zooey magazine. Continue reading

Kate Upton July GQ Sexy

She’s easily become one of America’s hottest models, especially after landing the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl title  Now Kate Upton stuns in the July 2012 issue of GQ. Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Another Cover

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the sexiest actresses out there and with her new movie “The Hunger Games” having just stormed into theaters, Jennifer Lawrence added to her cover page accolades by scoring the cover of the March 23, 2012 issue of IO Donna magazine. Continue reading

Heidi Klum’s Stunning Elle Cover

Joining the much-talked-about nude and pregnant Jessica Simpson fronted edition, Heidi Klum is also featured on a second cover of the April 2012 issue of ELLE.  I guess Elle figured that they better have a safety net cover in case the Jessica Simpson one tanked.  Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, & Alicia Keys: Glamorous Gals

Making for an interesting cover, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, and Demi Moore cover the October 2011 issue of Glamour magazine and all three look stunning as usual.

Continue reading

Kirsten Dunst Body is Wonderland

Having not  been relevant in a long time, I am surprised to see Kirsten Dunst landing the cover of a magazine.  Granted it is only the publication, Wonderland which I have never even heard of but still…what was the last good role she had??  Regardless, she graces the cover and inside pages of the September/October 2011 issue. Continue reading