Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle UK

Despite the fact that she really hasn’t done anything worthy of fame, the ever-popular Kim Kardashian has more than surpassed her 15 minutes and has now nabbed herself another magazine shoot by covering the August 2012 issue of InStyle UK. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian’s L’Uomo Magazine Beauty

I will never fully understand the world’s fascination withe the Kardashian’s yet there is something about Kim and her family that the media and Joe Schmo Americans love.  Sure she’s got a nice curvy figure but there are tons of celebrities out there who are hot as hell AND talented–why not become obsessed with them?  Perhaps her sex tape has some allure to men, like a classy porn star if there is such a thing.  Well, Kim chosen to cover the July/August 2012 of L’Uomo Vogue magazine and it in my opinion did not play to her strengths.  Continue reading

Chris Brown Invited Back to Good Morning America!

Chris Brown Good Morning America Shirtless shattered window tattoos blonde hair

On Tuesday, Chris Brown had a violent fit behind-the-scenes at GoodMorning America after Robin Roberts questioned him about the infamous Rihanna incident.  As I reported earlier this week he smashed a window and went completely nuts in his dressing room then took it to the streets.

Despite his inappropriate behavior, it looks like GMA wants Chris back. Continue reading

Chris Brown is Nuts

If it wasn’t already official, it is now.  Chris Brown is a violent nut.  I don’t care if he makes good music or if people find him good looking, he’s an abusive psycho.  He already has a bad reputation for his assault on Rihanna at the Grammy’s two years ago, now he strikes with violence again.  He stopped by Good Morning America to promote his new album FAME, which dropped today, when all hell broke loose.  He smashed a window in his dressing room and knocked glass onto the street below as part of an argument he had gotten in inside.   Continue reading