Mila Kunis Heats Up GQ

I’ve loved Mila Kunis since back in the “That 70’s Show” days and especially liked her in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”  She’s one of the hottest ladies in film right now and to promote her new film she is featured in the annual GQ Comedy Issue for August 2011.

Aside from looking absolutely amazing the “Black Swan” hottie also confessed that she’s never been in a no-strings-attached relationship such as her “Friends with Benefits” character. Continue reading

Mila Kunis’ Sexy March 2011 W Cover

Mila Kunis, 27,  heats up the cover of W Magazine’s March 2011 issue, which hit newsstands on February 25.  She looks stunning in this shoot.  I like her a lot and have ever since that 70’s show.  I especially started to become a fan when I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  I still haven’t seen Black Swan but it is supposed to be amazing and I’m dying to watch it.  I think she is beautiful in general but she especially gorgeous in this shoot.  I would love to have eyes like hers not to mention her killer body.  It’s very interesting because in the article she mentions that she was never raised to believe she was pretty which is so shocking to me.  I’m surprised she wasn’t hit on a lot and told that all the time.  It is refreshing to see that beautiful celebrities weren’t always so beloved or weren’t always so super confident, gives us inspiration.  Anyway, here are some Q & A’s from the article and then all the sexy pictures are below: Continue reading