The Amorous Commit-a-Phobe

While on a recent lunch date with my bff and her sister, I stumbled into an interesting conversation that both surprised and enlightened me.  This friend was telling us a funny old story that involved a boy whom was in love with her but wasn’t interested in dating her or in a relationship.  It was not the humorous tale involving inebriation and vomiting that shocked me but rather the revelation that there is someone else out there who experienced this type of dater–or non-dater rather–The Amorous Commit-a-phobe.  I know that seems like an oxymoron, but yet they do exist and I finally realize that perhaps my crazy dating life in which I feel so scattered and alone is not so uncommon after all. Continue reading

Welcome Back-Can You Really Convert to Just Friends

Hello all.  I’m sure for those you who did read my blog regularly you were wondering where I’ve gone.  Well a few big changes have happened in my life, the main one being that I got a new job.  I no longer sit in a private office with enough spare time to work on my blog, I sit in a surprisingly nice cubicle surrounded by the execs and VPs…so I can’ t typically work on personal projects.  However, as I miss writing in this daily I will try to find the time each day to at least do one post and keep Sexiquette going.  After all, I do drive around with a Sexiquette sticker on my bumper so I can’t really let down all the new onlookers driven to the site by my promotions.  Plus, I can’t let down my loyal fans. Continue reading

Ever After

A thousand times I’d say I’m sorry,

If I thought that you’d forgive me.

Jump off a rock quarry,

Plunge into the sea.

Sink beneath the surface,

Submerge deep within the water.

Feeling like I have no purpose,

Asking one love me is too tall an order. Continue reading

Poem: What If

Waisting time and contesting life,

Letting you lead me to inner strife.

Best friend gone afar,

Turned your back on me.

Left me like a door ajar,

Trapped, yearning to be free.

Seeing glimmers of hope,

Shattered, slammed in my face.

How am I to cope,

When my positivity has been erased?

You used to be my person,

The one I turned to for advice.

Yet when my condition worsened,

You didn’t dare think twice. Continue reading