Rihanna Loves Touching Herself

I wrote a while back about masturbation and the social acceptability of it.  Well Rihanna sure works hard to prove self-touching is in fashion these days.  She is always seen grabbing herself at her performances and last night’s show at the Staples Center in LA was no exception.  Here is a pic from last night as well as some great pics of Rihanna feeling her own goods: Continue reading

Rihanna’s Controversial Man Down Video

Rihanna has been getting quite a bit of unnecessary slack lately for her “Man Down” music video.  It features a young happy, vibrant girl turned violent criminal after a rape.  Honestly I like the video, having grown up with music videos that meant something and were true art (obviously not all of them since I grew up in the 80’s/90’s) I appreciate the sentiment of this story.  Music videos used to be watched on TV back when MTV wasn’t a reality tv whore.

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Rihanna’s Super Sexy FHM Cover Shoot

Rihanna is hotter than ever right now!  She puts out hit after hit and each song seems to be better than the next.  She looks stunning.  Now, she graces FHM Australia for May 2011 and looks better (and sexier) than ever! Continue reading

Rihanna and Britney Team Up: S & M Reloaded!

Something EPIC has happened.  Two of the most amazing pop performers have teamed up.  Rihanna and Britney worked together to do a remix of S & M.  It’s already a ridiculously sexy, naughty song and now with Britney in it, it’s hotter than you can imagine.  I love both artists and they sure know how to make hits!  The only way to make this more amazing is to add Gaga. Continue reading

Rihanna: Rolling Stone Sexy









Rihanna has just added yet another magazine cover to her repertoire, Rolling Stone.  She has graced the cover of dozens of magazines and now she will be on the front page of Rolling Stone looking super sexy as usual.

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